Sunday, 6 November 2011

Journey to my world championship part 2

My season for 2011 started January after the New Year celebration. I signed up for china ironman and Aviva 70.3. My main goal was to try to qualify for Kona world championship before I go into the next age group, 25-29. I drew out my training plans and followed according to it. I had no coach. Just simple routines everyday and progressively increasing my mileage for the endurance weekends.

12 weeks into training, it was Aviva already. I’m already clocking 120km on bike, running 25km and swimming up to 3.5km on most weekends. Aviva was schedule as a time trial towards my china ironman. Turned out, not only did I shaved off 15mins from my 70.3 PB, I was ranked 1st as local female overall. Sweet victory!!! The finishing line was awesome, i was greeted by a few of my best buddies who had been there for me during the recovery of my accident. This meant so much for us and i did it for the team.

A few weeks after aviva, china ironman got cancelled and I was given Korean ironman slot which was 4 weeks later of china ironman date. I managed to schedule an OD distance on the date for china ironman for a time trial to peak my training. It was fun to do some short distance again. I came in 1st overall and got myself a getaway weekend in malaysia. :)

After the OD weekend, I had 2 weeks of good training and 2 weeks of tapering. I am super nervous and excited in becoming an ironman finisher. FINALLY!!! With a couple of my training buddies, we headed to Korea.

The race week was crazy. It was raining a lot in jeju. i only managed to go for a easy ride, run and swim on the race course 2 days before the race. I remembered i only managed to sleep 4 hours the night before the race. @@ Stress!!!

On the race day, lucky things turned out fine. I was able to race hard for that day. I have not run any marathon for the past 3 years, was actually very nervous about the run. In the end, I managed to win my age group and ran a 4.07 marathon. Total time11.25hours!!!
With that, I won a slot to KONA world championship 2011… :)

I had a week holiday in Korea, Seoul, after the ironman race. It was a well deserved break after 7 months of hard training for my first ironman. Back in Singapore, I took an extra break of 2 weeks before going in my Kona training.

Here we go again!!!

To be continue...

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